Live Chat Embed Tool – Enhanced Techniques

Interactive Marketing

Live Embed tools have proven to be an effective way to market webcams on your adult sites. They entice the surfer in a simple yet interactive way. However, I believe that with a little advanced planning you can increase this tools effectiveness to your advantage.

Typical Problem

Consider the following example, and one that I have seen time and again on many affiliates websites. You’ve got your blog, tgp, free site all set up to include one of our live embed tools and have the proper embed codes in place. Surfer from the USA happens to come across your site whether through a Google search, link trade, etc. He’s horny, lonely, for any number of reasons and what does he see on your site? He sees a live view of a model who is sleeping, has bad lighting, or worse yet – is just an empty room cuz the model left her cam open while she went to eat lunch. What do you think the odds are of that surfer clicking through your embed into the live cam site? Probably not very great huh?

Root Causes

So why does this happen? Well obviously the main fault lies with the models themselves. The majority of the models make at least some effort to entice the viewers. This however, is not always the case. When you use the live embed tool, with just the default settings then you run the risk of having one of these models who makes no effort whatsoever to entice viewers pop up in the embed tool. You could say that the site moderators should boot these models offline when they see it – but with hundreds of models online at any given minute, it is impossible keep up with all of them on a minute by minute basis. So what can you do to minimize these risks?

Viable Solution

Instead of using the tool with the default settings, you can pick/choose which models get displayed by passing the model’s screen names within a comma delimited list inside the code parameters itself. Instructions are contained inside the Camdough webmaster’s area for the tool.

As long as at least one of your chosen models is currently online (and in free chat mode) that model will be displayed in the embed. If a model is offline, or in private chat, then the tool will go to the next name in your list. If none of them are available, then you will get a random model same as before. Now, how to know which models would be best to choose for your site? Surf the site yourself. Talk to some of the models who interest you, check out their lighting, cam speed, etc. Find out which ones are responsive to viewers questions, which ones seem to make an effort to be sexy, etc. Make a list of their screen names as you will need this in preparing the embed code to place onto your site. Only you can choose which models would be best for your type of site.

Camdough to the Rescue

For those of you who just want a quick and easy solution to which models to choose – be a regular reader of the Camdough blog and you will notice in the right hand column an updated section called “Camdough Favorites”. These are models who have demonstrated (over time) to get good sales and lots of repeat business. They have better connections, higher quality cams, and/or give the viewers their best effort. They are online often and they do not try and play games with the surfers by skimming them off to another platform or site. In short, any of these models would make good choices to include in your live embeds. We’ll try and keep the list updated weekly so you can bookmark it and re-visit it again for any new info.

In the end, it’s remains up to you, the webmaster, whether you want to make the extra effort to possibly improve your sales ratios. We think it’s worth it. Let us know what you think.

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