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New Venue for Affiliate Marketing at Camdough.
Developing our own affiliate marketing blog here at Camdough has been in our plans for some time. Well today we decided that time has arrived. So…we took the head-first plunge into the world of WordPress and here we are. Although we have had our own forum for affiliates for awhile now, we felt having a blog would serve both our affiliates and us in a better and more timely manner. The nature of WordPress also allows us to do many things that were not possible thru forum software alone. Hence from this day forward, you will find our forums are no longer available online.

Put us in your Bookmarks.
Future announcements to affiliates from the Camdough staff will be made in posts here on this blog. We plan on making more tools available for your use in webcam promotions, as well as updating some of the old ones. Instructions for their use will be covered in-depth as well. Affiliates will be able to see here on the blog previews of new galleries available in their Camdough webmasters Tools area and will be able to leave comments and suggestions on the posts we make. All current Camdough affiliates (as well as prospective ones) would be well advised to bookmark this blog in your browsers favorites folder and to visit us regularly. You may also subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed if you find it more convenient, or even follow us on Twitter for news and announcements.

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